Monday, 25 March 2013

168 Sushi Japan Buffet: Not my cup of tea

By, Ramandeep
            On on Sunday I had a day off also I was hungry by dinner time, and then decide to try something new in the neighbourhood. So me and my wife are huge sushi and Japanese food lovers because to us it taste so spectacular compared to anything else we eat.

So we decided to look for a restaurant that offered sushi on the internet that was near our house because location is our first priority. The reviews for that particular restaurant said it was the most terrible place to eat in the world and I thought they might be exaggerating. So in the end because we were so hungry we decided to go and eat there because its location was so near our house.

The restaurant’s name was 168 Sushi Japan Buffet and from the outside it seemed like an average looking restaurant. After we went in it looked really bad like it was extremely plain and dirty. They also had broken chairs out in the open and I was thinking do they not want customers to return to this place.

Then we sat down at the table and placed an order for sushi because we were craving sushi really badly. It took two hours until I got my food and I thought I was going to die of starvation.

  When I finally ate the food, it was the worst sushi I had ever eaten in my life like I could not comprehend how some could make such bad sushi. My wife and I left right away after first bite and the staff that their food isn’t even consumable. After that we just grabbed McDonalds and went home to eat it.

I recommend that you don’t go to this restaurant and avoid it at all cost because in my opinion I rather starve for a bit longer and find a better restaurant.  

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