Tuesday, 26 March 2013

All Stars Bar & Grill: An Amazing Place to Eat

By: Ramandeep

            I had a day off today so I decided to sleep for 12 hours straight and felt really amazing when I woke up. After that my friends called me and they told me that they want to go out today and I said I was up for it. My friends told me that they wanted to go to this amazing restaurant called All Stars Bar & Grill. So I searched up the restaurant on the internet and the reviews all said it was one of the best places to eat.

           Around dinner time my friends picked me up and we went to the restaurant. The exterior of the restaurant was simply amazing looking and beautiful. Then we entered the restaurant and it looked even better than the exterior of the restaurant. After that we were greeted and seated by the nicest people I have ever met. The waitress was very helpful when I placed my order and helped me pick out my order which was burgers and fries.

           Our order arrived in only 10 minutes which is unheard of and even more amazing because the place was filled with people. The burgers and fries tasted just absolutely amazing. Also it only cost me $10 which was a good thing because I hate spending money on anything.

           We also met some amazing people in the bar section of the restaurant and they were so nice. Overall we had a good time and I recommend that everyone tries this restaurant.

           You can find all the information you need by clicking here.

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