Sunday, 24 March 2013

Amaral BBQ is the place to be

By: Ramandeep
            Today after work me and couple friends decided to go out to eat since we had a tough day of work. Furthermore, everyone was extremely tired and sad because our company was going downhill to competitors taking over the current market. This made everyone feel like getting food and a drink to get our minds out of sadness.
            So we all drove to a restaurant call Amaral BBQ that one of my friends recommended because he made it sound interesting. Now, the exterior of the restaurant looked pretty good and I was surprised because all the other stores or restaurants nearby looked awful. Then we entered the restaurant and it looked even better than the exterior of the restaurant. After that we were greeted by a nice waitress who seated us and gave us our menus.
            I ordered a steak because I wanted to eat something that would really fill me up and my friends told the waitress their orders. My steak arrived in only 10 minutes which I thought was impossible because steaks usually take a long time to make. When I finished the steak I felt full and it tasted absolutely perfect, so it satisfied my needs.
           After that we all went to the bar section to grab drinks and we were surprised how cheap the drinks were. Each of us only needed to spend $10 to get enough drinks to fulfill our needs. After that we made some new friends with the locals that always come to this restaurant.

           By the end of day we went from being sad to being happy due to the fact that this restaurant was simply amazing. I recommend this restaurant to everyone that wants to have a good time and fun.

           Don’t forget to leave a recommendation in the comments of anywhere in Brampton you would like me to try. Feel free to leave your thoughts about Amaral BBQ in the comment section. Also click here to join our Facebook page.

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