Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Good Time Donuts and Cafe- mmmm Homemade Donuts!

By: John
            No matter what shape or form you are, every Canadian has a soft spot for donuts, especially homemade donuts! Nothing is more Canadian than sitting down at a coffee shop, sipping a freshly brewed coffee and eating fresh homemade donuts. Chocolate donuts, regular donuts, sprinkled donuts; let’s just say I’m a fan of homemade donuts.

            With that being said I do love going to Tim Hortons, but with my recent curiosity for new restaurants and cafes, I had to find a good donut shop that sells homemade donuts! I stumbled upon Good Time Donuts and Cafe located at 158 Kennedy Rd S, Brampton ON, and decided to check it out.

            I was pleased to see that it was a nice place that made me feel, welcome, as you know from my other postings is important to me. I ordered my standard coffee, regular with milk and a chocolate fudge donuts to go with it. You know that old saying from the great Homer Simpson? “Mmmmm donuts,” ya that implies to this place! I loved it! The coffee was standard in comparison to Tim Hortons, and the homemade donuts were fantastic! If you’re in the area I would definitely recommend you check it out.

            The place was nice, service was friendly, prices were decent, and the product was great, what more can you ask for? Please go and check it out yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

            Don’t forget to leave a recommendation in the comments of anywhere in Brampton you would like me to try. Feel free to leave your thoughts about the All Stars Bar & Grill in the comment section. Also click here to like our Facebook page.


  1. Unfortunately, they no longer make donuts! I just popped in there based on your recommendation, only to discover they only offer muffins.