Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Cozy Cup Cafe: Great Place to Lounge with a Coffee in Brampton

By: John

             Coffee. Something us Canadians, and especially us that live in Brampton, love to drink coffee. When looking to grab a quick coffee I would never suggest going to a “luxury” cafe, but I would recommend going to a Tim Hortons or a coffee time just to get a coffee on the run. But to find a good cafe to just sit down and enjoy your company without spending too much money, that is the key.

            Usually when I want to sit down and have a coffee or cappuccino and maybe a muffin or something, I enjoy going to Williams Pub and Coffee Cultures in Brampton but find them much too expensive for my liking, let’s face it their coffee is not that good. I decided to check out Cozy Cup Cafe located on 35 Queen St W, Brampton, ON L6Y 1L9.

            I cannot see any way possible someone spending over $15 there for one meal with coffee which is always a plus. I decided to go simple with a nice cappuccino and muffin for give or take less than $5. It was all I can really ask for when going to a cafe. It had a friendly environment, a place that I felt welcome to sit down with a group of friends and enjoy a coffee.

            I find with cafes it’s the little things that matter as the coffee and food for the most part is all the same, it is the environment of the cafe and the price that matters to me and with that being said Cozy Cup Cafe passes with flying colours. I will most certainly be going back.
 I am going to recommend that you guys try it out, trust me you’ll enjoy it!

            Don’t forget to leave a recommendation in the comments of anywhere in Brampton you would like me to try. Feel free to leave your thoughts about Cozy Cup Cafe in the comment section. Also click here to join our Facebook page.

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