Thursday, 21 March 2013

Stacy Lee’s Family Restaurant- Not Necessarily Brampton’s Finest

By, John

            When I’m not working Sunday mornings one of my favorite things to do are going out for breakfast with the family. It gives me a chance to not only relax on a Sunday morning with a nice meal in front of me, but also gives me a chance to enjoy some much needed family time. It’s even better when I’m not paying!

            Lately I’ve been on a rampage of some sorts to seek out some restaurants that I haven’t tried before so that I could review them. On my quest I stumbled upon Stacy Lee’s Family Restaurant, it said the words “family restaurant” so I gave it a try.

            I rounded up my family (forced my dad to take us out) and hoped we could enjoy a nice Sunday family breakfast at Stacy Lee’s. Well let’s just say I’ve enjoyed much better Sunday breakfasts with my family!

            The food was nothing special, mediocre at best, the service was alright, but the quality of the place and food was not worth the price. I believe if it was less expensive or if they really worked on fixing up the place it would be better. I did not feel comfortable there as I do in other restaurants, and was not impressed with that.

            I would recommend going to a better known restaurant over Stacy Lee’s, something where you know what you’re going to get.

            If you want to try it out it is located at 4 McLaughlin Rd S Brampton, ON. And you can contact them at (905) 459-4807.

            Don’t forget to leave a recommendation in the comments of anywhere in Brampton you would like me to try. Feel free to leave your thoughts about the Stacy Lee's in the comment section.

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